Book Launch

Dialog with Club of Rome I

November 18, 2018 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Club of Rome, Anders Wijkman and Ernst von Weizsäcker wrote the report "Come On! Capitalism, Short-termisms, Population and the Deconstruction of the Planet". On the occasion of the launch of its Chinese edition, translated by Yiheng Cheng, we had the opportunity to participate in a first dialogue with the Club of Rome. At this particular event were Mr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, co-president of the Club of Rome and Mr. Yiheng Cheng, member of the Club of Rome, translator of the book and member of the CSRP.


This report is intended as a warning about the limits of our short-term vision and growth. Describing the current situation as a real philosophical crisis, the authors conclude that the world needs a "new enlightenment", where a balance between humans and nature, market and state, and short- and long-term vision is restored. For this, a systemic approach is needed, with a real need to rethink our way of thinking.


Photography by Jelena Sucic

Given the importance and universality of the message of this report, its publication around the world seems essential. Its Chinese edition is, therefore, a major event, contributing to its spreading. Yiheng Cheng, who translated this report, benefits from a great experience in the field of sustainable development, thanks to his various past positions, and a membership of the Club of Rome. He has also contributed in the past to the translation of numerous books, such as "Nutzen wir die Erde richtig" from Schmidt-Bleek (2009), "Faktor 5" from Ernst von Weizsaecker (2010), as well as "Blue Economy" from Gunter Pauli (2012). His translation of the report will have contributed, once again, to a better dissemination of a sustainable model, through a systemic approach.

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