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Dialog with Club of Rome Ⅱ

November 22, 2018 

For this second edition of the Dialogues with the Club of Rome, we had the honour to meet Mr. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Official Member of the Club of Rome, Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University and Professor of Chubu University, Japan. Mr Hayashi is also President of the World Conference on Transport Research Society, an association of more than 1500 researchers from 80 different countries.


Particularly specialized on the subject of urbanization and motorization, Mr. Hayashi has sought to overcome the negative effects of these phenomena. Aiming to establish a method of measuring Quality of Life according to various attributes, he is using this research to devise a way of making growing cities more resilient and sustainable. It is therefore thanks to all this research that he has been able to offer us insights on the following theme: The Limit to Urban Growth.

Photo gallery of the event :

Club of Rome Ⅱ.jpg
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