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Dialog with Club of Rome V

November 18, 2019 

For this fifth dialogue with the Club of Rome, we had the chance to listen to Ms. Chido Govera, founder and director of the foundation "The Future of Hope", Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum Zimbabwean Social Entrepeneur, and mushroom growing specialist. It is on this last point that the dialogue focused: the Community Mushroom Farming.

Indeed, for Ms. Govera, these mushroom cultures represent a real opportunity for rural Africa. These cultures have enabled her, from a young age, to secure her first income. Together with 15 other orphaned girls, she was able to receive training in mushroom cultivation from the environmental entrepreneur Gunter Pauli. She then developed her knowledge at university, studying "the art and science of mushroom growing". Since then, she has kept this activity and spreads her knowledge in many countries: Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania and South Africa. In total, nearly 1000 people have benefited from her training. His work allows a real empowerment of orphans, and then of their communities, which then inspire global change. This conference, therefore, offers a vision of systemic change, aimed at greater sustainability.


Photo Gallery of the Event :

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