Playing the Game:
Mask and Identity: A discussion on body image in the development of science and technology.

October 8th 2019 

The Creative Systemic Research Platform (CSRP), D&I Tongji University is also home to two PoP Ups, WMS Shanghai and sister to the founding organization WMS Helsinki, and Laukku PoD PoP Up lab, collaborating with Tongji Huangpu School of Design and Innovation for the Tongji Design Week 2019. In this two day Workshop, the group work will be about looking at the visuals and the language that is currently used and how it’s developing when we look at the edges of communities within eco-systems in various contexts.





Photography credits : Tongji Design Week website

During this week, several members of the CSRP were able to propose a discussion on the image of the body in the development of Science and Technology. Prof. Susu Nousala and Mockian proposed a discussion about this different topics:

  • The roles of the ego, and our relationship to the mirror. The mirror thus forms an object allowing us to meet the self, but is also a mean of social adaptation. How does moral control even include the right to look at oneself?

  • The impact of the human cultural system, social norms, cultural atmosphere and identity on our appearance.

  • The development of facial recognition, with the question of user privacy: How do people adapt, and how do they feel about these major changes?

  • The modification of faces: discussion on Face Swap, but also on Deep Fake.

  • Discussion on an artistic performance, combining dance and masks to present the different stages of life and society to the spectator. The aim here is to understand societal complexity, where the spectator is led to interpret the different layers of society.

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  • Mask and Identity: A discussion on body image in the development of science and technology link