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Playing the Game:
Gamifing AI for Sustainable Social Inclusion

October 8-9, 2019 

Currently we have several opportunities for collaboration that center around the concepts of gamification (application of AI for sustainable , sustainable social inclusion and periurban community development. The proposed joint projects are PoP Up problem based learning, and are underpinned by systemic thinking and practice. The Creative Systemic Research Platform (CSRP), D&I Tongji University is also home to two PoP Ups, WMS Shanghai and sister to the founding organization WMS Helsinki, and Laukku PoD PoP Up lab, collaborating with Tongji Huangpu School of Design and Innovation. 

CSRP wishes to invite WMS Helsinki and gamified cohousing, Finland, to attend the Tongji Design Week and conduct several joint events. Namely, the gamification workshops for project and problem based learning, with this year's focus on pop up green PoD learning for micro ecosystems as green technology. The PoD learning project is a collaboration between CSRP and the Tongji Huangpu School of Design and Innovation. We will be inviting students from the High school to participate.

This will be held at the same time as WMS, music as project based learning. The outcome of the workshop sessions will be presented at the RSD8 (Research Systemic Design) in Chicago US in October as a joint process between Week and RSD8 (the RSD8 sessions have already been applied for). 

In this two day Workshop, the group work will be about looking at the visuals and the language that is currently used and how it’s developing when we look at the edges of communities within eco-systems in various contexts. There will be a process of gamification using pre-worked key word cards as tools to play out key scenarios to explore the different learning processes and understanding between theory and practice, so we can better our community lives. We will map out large format posters that will be on display for the history of the word play involved.
















































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